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Technical Details


Stage Dimensions

Width (Wall to Wall) = 33ft (Approx 14.9m)
Depth (Iron To Back Wall) = 19ft 6ins (Approx 5.85m) For Stage Depth = 9ft 6 ins (Approx 2.85m)
Pros Opening = 26ft (Approx 7.8m)
Pros Height = 18ft 5ins (Approx 5.5m)
SL & SR Wing Width = 10ft 4ins (Approx 3 .17m)
SL & SR Wing Depth =20ft 11ins (Approx 6.13m)
SL & SR Wing Height = 22ft 11ins (Approx 6.74m) Dock Door Height = 9ft 6ins (Approx 2.95m)
Dock Door Width = 7ft 9ins (Approx 2.42m)


ETC Ion With 2 x 20 Fader Wing and 2 Touch Screens
Zero 88 Chilli Dimmer Racks (2.5k dimmers) - 70 Circuits in total (Switchable)

30 Circuits FOH -
House Right - 6 Circuits
House Left - 6 Circuits Roof - 12 Circuits
Front of Circle - 6 Circuits

34 Circuits On Stage -
LX 1 - 12 Circuits
LX 2 - 12 Circuits
LX 3 - 10 Circuits

2 Perch Bars Each side of pros 6 circuits each
DMX lines - All LX Bars USL House Left and House Right
Lanterns Available
25 x Source Four zooms 15 - 30
15 x Source Four Junior 25 - 50
24 x Selecon Rama 7 - 50
17 x Par 64 Floor Cans
25 x Thomas Par 64s
4 x Coda 3 Floors (500w)
9 x Birdies
2 x Robert Juliat Topaz Follow Spots (1.2k)


Allen & Heath Qu 32 Digital mixing desk
A 3k Kv2 System Positioned Pros Left, Pros Right And 2 fills for the circle 4 x RCF Active Monitors
6 x DI Boxes
8 x Mic Stands
6 x Sm58's
2 x SM57s
Full Senheiser Drum Kit Set


Techpro system. Base unit stage right with backstage call capabilities. Belt packs situated on stage left, fly floor, sound position, lx position, followspot, orchestra pit.

Flying Systems

2 Hand winch operated LX bars (LX 3 & 4) stamped to 250kg.

LX 1 is under slung below the cinema screen which is suspended on 3 Loadstar 300kg chain hoists.

11 three line hemp bars stamped to 100kg operated from the stage left fly floor. (recommended height of flown cloths 6 – 6.5m. Width 9.20m)

* Please Find Attached a hanging plot*

Available cloths -
2 sets of black legs - 2 sets of black borders
1 set of black tabs on hand operated pulley
1 black cyclorama
1 white cyclorama
1 pair of red velvet house tabs (single speed 12 second operation)


There is a 63 amp 3 phase Located SL for turning companies

Orchestra Pit

7m x 3.9m will accommodate up to 15 musicians comfortably
12 Ratt stands
Conductors podium
1 Casio fully weighted stereo electric piano

*We also have a baby grand piano at stage level*

Dressing Rooms

DR 1: Lit make-up mirrors, overhead shelving, costume rail, Seats 9.
DR 2: Lit make-up mirrors, overhead shelving, costume rail, Seats 6
DR 3: Lit make-up mirrors, overhead shelving, costume rail, Seats 12

There are toilets and a shower cubicle situated at either end of the dressing room corridor.


Download Coliseum Technical Details

i Theatrau RhCT
to RCT Theatres

3D 3D Screening

When you watch a film in 3D, you feel as though you’ve stepped inside it. Superb image quality – crisp, bright and ultra-realistic and stunning surround sound bring the story to life around you. You’re not just experiencing the entertainment; you’re right inside the entertainment.

R Relaxed Screening/Performance

Open to everyone, but particularly appropriate for anyone who may find the usual theatre/cinema environment challenging, due to an Autism Spectrum Condition, a learning disability, or a fear of the dark, loud noises or confined spaces.

Relaxed Performances/Screenings provide a relaxed environment, where elements are adapted to reduce anxiety or stress. Lighting and sound levels are adjusted to soften their impact and there is a relaxed attitude to noise and leaving and re-entering the auditorium during the performance/screening.

Designated 'chill-out' areas are provided outside the auditorium with activities for people to use if being in the auditorium becomes overwhelming for them.